Hello and welcome to MAP Media Productions.  Since 2011, MAP Media Productions has been serving businesses, families, and organizations around Northwest Indiana with great quality media.   These videos have been used inside stores, on business websites, and in social media.   To see MAP Media Production’s latest videos, click here.

If you are a business or family interested in Photography, we have you covered too.  If you would like to see past photo work, click here.

How can video help you?

  • Video is a 24-hour salesperson
  • Video is a growing sales medium
  • Video is an updated form of advertisement
  • More people are likely to watch a video, rather than read information
  • Video brings words and descriptions to life
  • Video provides unlimited advertisement for a one-time fee
  • Video can be used in multiple locations (i.e. social media, in-store, websites, emails, DVD distribution)


Benefits of using video training:

  • Adds excitement to the usually monotonous training process
  • Video is more memorable, and can later be used as a refresher
  • Longer written material can be condensed into a short, informative video
  • It can easily be distributed to multiple business locations
  • There is a possibility of at-home training, saving valuable work time


There is no question that video advertisement and/or video training would benefit your already successful business.  Please contact me to discuss video opportunities for your organization.